Jade Bros


Manny Santos

What Jade Bros., Freight Int’l., Inc. is today, it owes to the diligence and foresight of one man - Emmanuel “Manny” A. Santos, concurrent President and Chief Executive Officer.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in customs administration from the PMI Colleges in 1973. Not one to go into anything half-cocked, Manny spent the next years learning the ropes, mastering the intricacies of his chosen vocation. Although far over-qualified, he accepted the employment as messenger of Transworld Brokerage Corporation. Each day he would observe and learn from his colleagues while he steadily rose through the ranks. In 1981, he took the licensure examinations for customs brokers and placed among the top ten.

In 1985, when he was its Import Department Manager, Manny decided to leave Transworld. With a mere two people in his employ, Manny threw his hat into the fray and established his own brokerage firm. The sole proprietorship quickly blossomed into a family corporation until 1999 when the merger between the two companies was realized. 

Through the two decades of his stewardship, Manny has steered his company through the worst economic weather; surviving the country’s economic meltdown during in the early 80’s and the Asian financial crisis of the 90’s while his competitors fell by the wayside. Not one to lose heart, Manny has seen each crisis as an opportunity; converting each one into a windfall.

Under his tutelage, he has developed a team of professionals, headed by his son, Jan Michael, Chief Operations Officer, who are most capable at providing services that the company’s varied clientele requires. This ensures the stability and future of this small but vibrant corporation.

“I place the company’s needs before my own,” he would often say. That is the secret of his success. It is this selflessness that he and Jade Bros. offer their clientele; putting customers’ needs over and above the company’s pecuniary interest.